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We always welcome motivated hard-working

students and highly qualified researchers to

work in our group! If you are interested in our

theoretical/computational research and have

a good and suitable CV, we encourage you to

contact us at any time. 

See an (incomplete) list of funding opportunities below and contact us if you are interested in joining the QMFM research modelling group by applying to any of them.

Marie Curie Fellowships (highly competitive 2-years postdoc fellowships , European funding)

Juan de la Cierva Fellowships (highly competitive 3-years postdoc fellowships, Spanish funding)

Beatriz Galindo (tenure track 4-years fellowships, Spanish funding)

Ramón y Cajal Fellowships (tenure track 5-years fellowships, Spanish and European funding)

"La Caixa" Junior Leader (highly competitive 3-years postdoc fellowships, Spanish funding)

Beatriu Pinos (highly competitive 2-years postdoc fellowships, Catalan funding)

Chinese Academy of Sciences (predoctoral 3-years grants, Chinese funding)

Formació Investigadors (predoctoral 3-years grants, Catalan funding)

Formación Profesorado Universitario (predoctoral 3-years grants, Spanish funding)

"La Caixa" PhD grants (predoctoral 3-years grants, Spanish funding)

HPC Europa visiting grants (for research visits and creation of HPC networks, European funding)

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