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173. (submitted)

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(Supplementary Information)

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(Supplementary Information)

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(Supplementary Information)

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(Supplementary Information)

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(Supplementary Information)

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(Supplementary Information)


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(Supplementary Information)

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(Supplementary Information)

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"Reply to Comment on "Absence of off-diagonal long-range order in hcp 4He dislocation cores""

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162. Barocaloric Effects in the Solid State (Chapter 8)

Claudio Cazorla      

"Atomistic simulation of barocaloric effects" (IOP Publishing, ISBN: 978-0-7503-4689-4)

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(Supplementary Information)

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(Supplementary Information)

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(Supplementary Information)

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(Supplementary Information)

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(Supplementary Information)

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Claudio Cazorla, Massimiliano Stengel, Jorge Íñiguez, and Riccardo Rurali     

"Giant multiphononic effects in a perovskite oxide"

(Supplementary Material)

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"Lab free protein-based moisture electric generators with high electric output"

(Supplementary Material)

152. The Electrocaloric Effect: Materials and Applications (Chapter 4)

Claudio Cazorla

"First-principles based simulation of the electrocaloric effect" (Elsevier, ISBN: 978-0-12-821648-4)

151. Materials Horizons 10, 1757

Cibrán López, Agustí Emperador, Edgardo Saucedo, Riccardo Rurali, and Claudio Cazorla     

"Universal ion-transport descriptors and classes of inorganic solid-state electrolytes"

(Supplementary Material)

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(Supplementary Material)

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"The cationic interstitials induced resistive switching: A case study on Mn-doped SnO2"

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"Eutectic mixture formation and relaxation dynamics of co-amorphous mixtures of two benzodiazepine drugs"

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"Absence of off-diagonal long-range order in hcp 4He dislocation cores"

(Supplementary Material)


146. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 126, 21453

Robert Lawrence, Quentin Ramasse, Kristina Holsgrove, Daniel Sando, Claudio Cazorla, Nagarajan Valanoor, and Miryam Arredondo

"Effects of multiple local environments on electron energy loss spectra of epitaxial perovskite interfaces"

(Supplementary Material)

145. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 10, 16924

Zhao Liu, Biao Wang, and Claudio Cazorla     

"Strain-engineering of two-dimensional piezo-photocatalytic materials for improved hydrogen evolution reaction"

(Supplementary Material)

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(Supplementary Material)

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Zhao Liu, Biao Wang, Dewei Chu, and Claudio Cazorla   

"First-principles high-throughput screening of bulk piezo-photocatalytic materials for sunlight-driven hydrogen production"

(Supplementary Material)

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(Supplementary Material)

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Zizhen Zhou, Dewei Chu, Bo Gao, Toshiyuki Momma, Yoshitaka Tateyama, and Claudio Cazorla  

"Tuning the electronic, ion transport and stability properties of lithium-rich manganese based oxide materials with oxide perovskite coatings: A first-principles computational study"

(Supplementary Material)

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(Supplementary Material)

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(Supplementary Material)


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(Supplementary Material)

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(Supplementary Material)

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(Supplementary Material)

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(Supplementary Material)

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"A facile approach to tailor the electrocatalytic properties of MnO2 through tuning phase transition, surface morphology and band structure"

(Supplementary Material)

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Claudio Cazorla and Riccardo Rurali   

"Dynamical tuning of the thermal conductivity via magnetophononic effects"

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(Supplementary Material)

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"A phosphonated poly(ethylenedioxythiophene) derivative with low oxidation potential for energy-efficient bioelectronic devices"

(Supplementary Material)

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"Perovskite quantum dot solar cells fabricated from recycled lead-acid battery waste"

(Supplementary Material)



128. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13, 59820

X. Zheng, S. S. Mofarah, A. Cen, C. Cazorla, E. Haque, A. J. Atanacio, M. Manohar, E. Y. Chen, and C. C. Sorrell  "Role of oxygen vacancy ordering and channel formation in tuning intercalation pseudocapacitance in Mo single-ion implanted CeO2-x nanoflakes"

(Supplementary Material)

127. Physical Review B 104, 224105

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"Enhanced ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties of BCT-BZT at the morphotropic phase boundary driven by the coexistence of phases of different symmetries"

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"Electroluminiscent solar cells based on CsPbI3 perovskites quantum dots"

(Supplementary Material)

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(Supplementary Material)

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"Giant thermal transport tuning at a metal/ferroelectric interface"

(Supplementary Material)

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"Self-adhesive flexible patches of oxide heterojunctions with tailored band alignments for electrocatalytic H2O2 generation"

(Supplementary Material)

122. NPJ Computational Materials 7, 196

Hugo Aramberri, Claudio Cazorla, Massimiliano Stengel, and Jorge Íñiguez    

"On the possibility that PbZrO3 not be antiferroelectric"

(Supplementary Material)

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(Supplementary Material)

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"Heat capacity anomalies of the molecular crystal 1-fluoro-adamantane at low temperatures"

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"Decoupling the impacts of engineering defects and bandgap alignment mechanism on the catalytic performance of holey two-dimensional CeO2-based heterojunctions"

(Supplementary Material)

116. Advanced Functional Materials 31, 2100880

S. Maroufi, R. J. Nekouei, S. S. Mofarah, C. Cazorla, A. P. O'Mullane, and V. Sahajwalla

"Transparent and flexible Mn1-x-y(CexLay)O2-z ultrathin-film device for highly-stable pseudocapacitance application"

(Supplementary Material)

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Zhao Liu,  Biao Wang, and Claudio Cazorla 

"Mechanical and electronic properties of CeO2 under uniaxial tensile loading: A DFT study"

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Zizhen Zhou, Dewei Chu, and Claudio Cazorla 

"Ab initio description of oxygen vacancies in epitaxially strained SrTiO3 at finite temperatures"

(Supplementary Material)

113. Chemical Engineering Journal 415, 129048 

Xiao Zhang, Jiajun Fan, Xunyu Lu, Zhaojun Han, Claudio Cazorla, Long Hu, Tom Wu, and Dewei Chu 

"Bridging NiCo layered double hydroxides and Ni3S2 for bifunctional electrocatalysts: the role of vertical graphene"

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"Low-temperature heat capacity anomalies in ordered and disordered phases of normal and deuterated thiophene"

(Supplementary Material)

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K. Sau, T. Ikeshoji, S. Takagi, S.-I. Orimo, D. Errandonea, D. Chu, and C. Cazorla 

"Colossal barocaloric effects in the complex hydride Li2B12H12"

(Supplementary Material)

110. Nanoscale 13, 6764 

S. S. Mofarah, L. Schreck, C. Cazorla, X. Zheng, E. Adabifiroozjaei, C. Tsounis, J. Scott, R. Shahmiri, Y. Yao, R. Abbasi, K. Kalantar-Zadeh, Y. Wang, H. Arandiyan, L. Sheppard, E. Doustkhah, P. Koshy, and C. C. Sorrell

"Highly catalytically active CeO2-x based heterojunction nanostructures with mixed micro/meso-porous architectures"

(Supplementary Material)

109. Acta Materialia 215, 117026

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"Copper diffusion rates and hopping pathways in superionic Cu2Se"

(Supplementary Material)

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"Enhancement of phase stability and optoelectronic performance of BiFeO3 thin films via cation co-substitution"

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Y. Xu, S. S. Mofarah, R. Mehmood, C. Cazorla, P. Koshy, and C. C. Sorrell   

"Design strategies for ceria nanomaterials: Untangling key mechanistic concepts"


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A. Polek, C. Cazorla, and D. Kundu 

"Nature of alkali ion conduction and reversible Na-ion storage in hybrid formate framework materials"


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Lorenzo Travaglini, Adam P. Micolich, Claudio Cazorla, Erica Zeglio, Antonio Lauto, and Damia Mawad  

"Single-material OECT-based flexible complementary circuits featuring polyaniline in both conducting channels"

(Supplementary Material)

104. Physical Review Letters 125, 117601 

César Menéndez and Claudio Cazorla  

"Giant thermal enhancement of the electric polarization in ferrimagnetic BiFe1-xCoxO3 solid solutions near room temperature"

(Supplementary Material)

103. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12, 34086 
T. Wan, P. Guan, X. Guan, T. Wu, C. Cazorla, and D. Chu  
"Facile patterning of silver nanowires with controlled polarities via inkjet-assisted manipulation of interface adhesion


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Y. Pan, Y. Wu, H. A. Hsain, C. Cazorla, and D. Chu  
"Synergetic modulation of the electronic structure and hydrophilicity of nickel-iron hydroxide for efficient oxygen evolution by UV/ozone treatment


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"Large barocaloric effects in thermoelectric superionic materials


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"Tuning magnetism and photocurrent in Mn-doped organic-inorganic perovskites"


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"Facile self-forming superionic conductors based on complex borohydrides surface oxidation


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(Supplementary Material)


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"Hierarchically constructed silver nanowire@nickel-iron layered double hydroxide nanostructures for electrocatalytic water splitting"  


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"Oxygen-vacancy induced magnetic phase transitions in multiferroic thin films"

(Supplementary Material)


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(Supplementary Material)


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(Supplementary Material)


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(Supplementary Material)


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(Supplementary Material)


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(Supplementary Material)


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(Supplementary Material)


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(Supplementary Material)


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(Supplementary Material)


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